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AtagoSounds currently sell music royalty in AudioJungle and AudioStock.

AudioStock (English Guide)

They are companies that sell royalty music license to use it for video works and events etc in Australia and Japan.

Registration of music

Regarding music registration, AudioStock seems not to be so difficult at the moment.

Although they check unnecessary noises strictly, if you upload the music for commercial use, video use with being careful there, it will be approved about 1 week later and will be on sale.
To register a composer you need a bank account in Japan.

Basically AudioJungle is also the same flow, however the registration review is getting harder and harder.

We can see the post on the forum that ask advices of rejected tracks on Envato forum, but sometimes it seems to have enough quality.

Receiving sales

You can get paid of a certain percentage of sales.

AudioStock will transfer to the bank account.

AudioJungle will pay via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill or SWIFT, so you don’t have to have the bank account in US or Australia.
But you have to declare AudioJungle your tax number, otherwise you have to pay high tax.

Market size

Currently (27/March/2017),
AudioJungle has 499424 songs and AudioStock has 33895 songs in their library.
There is huge deference.

I can say it’s a valid deference because of their market size, AudioStock is mainly focus on Japan, and AudioJungle develops global.
Moreover the difference of the market size would be more than deference of the number of songs.

Musical feature

Sometimes I feel that Japanese general advertisement music tendency is quite different with world standard.

For instance, the catchy chord progression which is used in Japanese pop songs would be said “oriental chord”.

Current Japanese composers tend to use many modulate change and complex chord progression in a song.

In contrast, the American and European composers tend to make amount of information from intonation of musical stuff.

We can see this deference at the library of AudioJungle and AudioStock.

These are both of my library. I believe you can see my separate creation.

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Now making a living as a  musician is easier than 10 years ago.

Recently, I often find the internet article saying that the computer and internet spreading made music livelihood impossible. But I think it’s actually opposite.

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I up my favorite list from 2017 April release on AudioJungle.

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I up my favorite 11 tracks on Audiojungle in March! I tend to find my favorite track on around having 10 sales. In the huge library on AJ, there are so many amazing tracks. But some track get big sales and the another not. Sometimes I really cannot understand the reason. I gonna pursuit the secret of difference between these. Right now, AudioJungle is the only platform where we can know the amount of sales of items. Therefore we can learn many things like trend, marketing, or strategies. Future Bass   AudioCopper Happy Prof-s Fashion Upbeat
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Mixing and mastering louder!

Now my track “Emotional Dubstep” is on sale at AudioStock. This is match for the product promotion or company video. Right now, you can purchase on the AusioStock web site at 2160 JPY(≒ $20) for your various project. For the video which don’t have voiceover, I add much loudness and information content. Basic chord progression is C B7 G G/B. Yes it looks very Japan. On This post, I focus on loudness of the track. Especially this type of music is really on the war of the loudness. It was tough to make enough loudness to match with similar type …

Good things to sell in the stock music market (except about money)

I wrote about it here many times, but, I’m selling the license of my songs in AudioJungle(US) and AudioStock(JAPAN). Of course it’s sake for the money firstly, but there are some advantages except it, so I write that.


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