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Now a days on EDM and HipHop, the DUCKING and Side-chain compression is inevitable elements.

I introduce ”KICKSTART” of NICKY ROMRO for that.

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In the first place, what is ducking and side chain compression?

It’s commonly used technique in EDM, Dubstep or HIPHOP. Mainly (for example), Bass or synths would be less when Kick’s on. Originally it was sake for make less dynamics to make whole output sounds level bigger. Then it become to be used for more vigorous sound design now. In conclusion, you can feel the effect that the music is like expanding and close continiously.

Although my LOGIC Pro also has compressor which is possible to do the side chain -compression. But I felt some kind of difference between the dynamic ducking of recent dance music producers and mine.

In result I notice that compression curve which is made by directly side-chained from kick is deformed in general.

Therefore, I made long release kick only for side chain sources, and let it go through to the compressor. But it took much time and hard to estimate, then I wanted to do it more easily.

So you can select from 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and1/1. If it’s a four on the floor track,  normally you should select 1/4 simply.
And you can select the curve form and adjust offset point, after you adjust how make it deep on the left big nob. Yes it’s simple!

I guess that the tracks which are exaggeratedly using ducking as a part of expression are tend to start to attenuate before the kick coming.(Maybe more on the HipHop) And since you can select the off set point by the arrows,  of course it’s also possible to make. And I think this is very effective for make modern DANCEMUSIC atmosphere.

And for example, if it’s not four on the floor track like HipHop or Dubstep,
You can use this double or triple. The image below is using it on triple in one track. It could make 3 valley for every one bar.

You may think normal side chain would be more easier than doing like this. But I thought this is more visible about curve, therefore easier to make sound design. Especially when you want make huge ducking effect.

Demo version cannot boot multiple and cannot save the stats.
Prices is $15!

Additionally, Waves also have similar type of plugin named “OneKnob Pumper“. It cannot select curve form but possible to select more fine period.

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