Importance of jogging for artist, freelance or creator.

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I’m make music everyday for earn my eat. I don’t go out from my studio frequently. And most of contact from my client are E-mail not direct meeting.(It’s more easier to communicate about music work since my English is not good. and sometimes.)

Therefore for me, the most important thing is how stable I can do my work. Working time and working quantity.

In this matter I really appreciate the importance of jogging.

When I was working at the company in Japan. I also jogged often. But basically I was running around everyday on my company and shop. (Japanese electric shop clerk is super hard work!) So I could hardly feel the effect of Jogging then.

And then I changed my job to the sound designer. Initially I couldn’t manage my work time often. Stagnate all day in front of my computer or sleep after sleep after…And then I notice some king of jogging effect after running.

Since then I have move to Germany. Winter of Germany is so cold and snowed, so I couldn’t go jogging for 3 months.

In Feb, I even forgot that I wrote “jogging is important” on my Evernote. By the time there, snow already melted outside was not too cold to jog.
I was on the super depressing. Sleep 14h everyday. Cannot send promotion mail. Even I cannot send submission of my gig. Such days made me self hate spiral.

So I struggle front of my computer and I found this book in internet.

This is Japanese translated version of this book.


The translated title means “The only way to train your brains is exercising”

I read. When I read I reminded that I noted on Evernote.

As you know, I don’t go company neither school. There’s not gym class in my life anymore. In such a situation, It’s not possible to maintain creativity for normal humane. Freelance style which is not be forced to work need some kind of mental strength which is not need in company working style.

Using mental strings to train one’s mental strength reminds me of liar paradox.

I restarted jogging everyday 30min at around PM6.

Since then for now.

I can make my works 7h everyday.
I can see the person if I need.
Yes I’m very good now.

Of course there would be ups and down, every single human has own biorhythm.

But Casey Naistat suggested about jogging “I don’t want, but I know I have to.”
Also many of Japanese incredible novelist and comic artist declare their custom of jogging or training. Haruki Murakami, Hikomaro Araki…

So I think keep jogging and going through to next winter.

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