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The way to improve my normal earphone dramatically.

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I surprised when I try this first.
So the conclusion is change the ear-tips to ETYMOTIC RESEARCH‘s one.

Now the newest series are ER4SRs. The legend ER4 series are amazing and famous earphones which is featured deep insert canal type ear tip.

It’s sounds like input the real sounds into my brain directly. It is so accurate and flat. It’s getting big support not only from the audiophile but also the sound engineer. I also bought ER4S few year’s before and loved it so much.

But unfortunately, 2yeas ago it was broken because of disconnection. And I leave it since then. (They didn’t sell the genuine cable…)

On the other hand, I have Sony’s earphone MDR-XB41EX especially for my using  on jogging and exercising. (I got it from my friend, it was about $20,I guess. ) But I lost the ear tips of it.

So then I conceived using the 3Flange Eartips for this normal Sony earphone.

At a glance, the hole of ER4S’s ear tips looked too small to fit in…


I inserted by force slowly and they connected!.

So the thing is sound, it’s so amazing!
Primary sound insulation is so high. I feel it’s like almost same with ER4S about insulation. (But sorry I cannot compare them since my ER4S is broken)

Of course I guess it less sound quality than real ER4S, but totally different sound up until now. When I use it in the train, I don’t need turn volume up so much, because of the high isolation.

3Flange Eartips is sold as a single unit. I recommend to combine with Sony’s earphone and it.

Oh, sorry but I’m not sure the hole size are same or not between mine and current sony’s one.

But I guess it’s not changed because genuine ear tips of my Sony earphone are available for current new series. (Although checked in Japanese Sony Web, but I will not bear full responsibility for that. )




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