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Analyzing Zedd&Alessia Cara “Stay” 2 bars of hook.

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I’m checking new tracks and learning from it.
For this year, since I got orders to make some HIPHOP and EDM, then I guess I’m ought to.

From 2016 to 2017, in the dance music scene and EDM scene, slower BPM tracks tend to be getting the attention. For instance, Chainsmokers got big success.
So from last month, a song started to glow in popularity. And it’s so interesting for me. Then I analyzed that. Today I write about the hook part of it.

The song is Stay by Zedd&Alessia Cara.
I’m wiring about the part where featured with voice (vocorderd), bass and drum start from 1:05.

BPM is 102.

The key is Ab/Fm. I can know that for 5 seconds. I wrote the quick way to check the key in this post.

Firstly, I transcribed the bassline, then play the piano to search the chord progression.
At a glance, it seems to Db Eb Fm Cm. (IV V VIm IIIm ) (If in C, F G Am Em)

I know that I definitely overlook some important thing, then I transcribe main every single sound.
They are main voice-sample, bass and harmonized voice-sample.

By the way, I’m not good at catching low bass, then I raise up 1octave to see the bassline sometimes.

To transcript harmonized voice-sample, I used the software Capo. Although I only have a trial version, it really works for me.
It scribe like this↓. It’s so convenient.


I wonder which is better score or piano roll…This time I bring piano roll and change the keyC to understandability.
Like I wrote before I thought it’s F G Am Em.
The first chord is surely F.
Then go to G, and soon change to C with keeping bass G. (ConG)Also like changing tone.
Next is surely Am.
Then it’s supposed to go to Em, but before that only bass change to E and keep Am(Am.on E). Then going to Em.

It’s same bass tone and changing the chord by an eighth note.

Since most of the elements are sounding at the same time on this hook part, it has a lot of latitude in the chord progression. It impressed me as if like piano sonata.

I think this is an interesting possibility for the type of dance track which has big contrast between the many sound parts and the few sound parts.
My new track that has used this method is now on sale of license on AudioJungle.

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