For Creators, Chandler method by Haruki Murakami

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Japanese internet people who have been suffering from pain of creation might have read the articles about Haruki Murakami’s Chandler method.

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Also, I knew it in the internet firstly, and then read the book. This method helped me for a long time as an important thinking way of creation.

In the first place, Chandler method is mentioned by Haruki Murakami  in his essay book”Murakami Asahi-do Hi Ho!”
This is a creation style or a thinking way that Haruki knew from the Raymond Chandler’s book. Then he named it “Chandler method” and took it on his author life.

When to summarize,
The novelist has to write at least certain hours a day as long as living as a novelist. Even if he cannot write, he only has to sit in the front of the desk for certain hours at least, without doing any other things.
It’s not
“Today I cannot write, so go to cinema or walk in the park”
“Today I cannot write, so sit down here for 5hours if I cannot write only even 1 word.”


It means eliminating the negative emotion and frustration onto his work as much as possible, but still doesn’t run away from it even if he cannot win. This is really helps me when I make music.


Every day, when the time has come, close the internet browser, and open my DAW (music software) and turn on the equipments and sit in the chair in front of the the desk. Since then I sit here for 5 hours at least. Even if I cannot make anything, even if it’s seems to
only the time is passing, I sit there at least. Because I’m a composer.


When I’m sitting like that, I would be able to find the a clue to the song that I couldn’t go well, gradually. In the before post of smallest step (Sorry, this is still Japanese Only), the first smallest step is just sitting in the front of the desk.


Programming, composing, playing instrument (and the other most of creations) is a completely attractive activity at first few years. You can tell that you are learning new things and developing. Even if you cannot improve, you are doing that you really want to do.


However, in most of the case, when you start to get the evaluations from the other people  or get earn money from it, the purpose and joy will be generated outside of creation of itself. It gradually makes intertwined small pressure and frustrations, and it finished the period when you could simply enjoy it.


To make the living as a creator locate there as a start point.  Sometimes You might think “Where  is the music which I really enjoyed?” while you cannot stop your way. It might mean you are already in the pain which was made by valuable works you made, for better or worse.


So then today, I think sitting here for 5 hours, even if I cannot make anything.
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