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Conception from Chance Operation, “iTunes composition method”

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Experimental music and ambient music people will know the chance operation.
The iTunes composition method is developed (by me) as a way of making of ideas in normal composition.

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First of all, about chance operation. Also known as, chance music or aleatoric music.
This is the current of contemporary music developed by John Cage, is the thinking way that composition positively includes the elements which happen by chance.

Of course, although I think I can write the long article about this, but today I want to write about the more general composition method which is oriented by chance operation.

I’m also making experimental music under my own name. I met this conception on there. (John Cage, Yan Tomita strongly affect for that. )

That’s why I thought this method would be useful on the category which is far from general music, like ambient music or contemporary music and so on.

But I write this since I knew this conception make beautiful miracles also in general music category.

iTunes composition method is idea making way by iTunes as its name suggests.

The things you need is a DAW and iTune which have many tracks on it.

The way is
You loop the track which you are going on right now on your DAW, while you keep randomly changing songs one after another every 10 seconds in iTunes.
And you will find amazing moment they engage with. You use these moment as a hint of your creation. Or sometimes you might use it in its entirety.

For changing the songs after every 10 seconds, I use MAXMSP patch. The patch can work if you have MAXMSP or a demo version of MAXMSP, but I cannot distribute this patch, since I cannot contact with the person who made the script basis on it. But I can send you if you send a message to .

After setting this, I spend my time to read a book or eat my lunch or something like that while playing this.

The thing is do it easy, don’t do seriously.

Although you cannot find the amazing combination soon. But while you are reading books for 30 minutes, you mostly will be able to find the sound combination which leads new idea.

So, you can start again your composition from this idea.

The point is tracks change every after 10 seconds.
Because for most of songs, first 10 seconds would be an intro.
Then there are still few information on there.
That’s why the good combinations are supposed to be happening frequently.

Even if you cannot find the amazing sound combination, you will find the clue of idea.
“This instrument might match here, this type of melody might match here.”

Some Japanese improvisation musician call it Kiseki-machi (means waiting miracle) that they play simply but also randomly until an amazing combination moment will come.

The iTunes composition method is just waiting miracle.
In my case, in my iTune library, the miracle happens mostly once every 15 minutes.

Now a day, Apple Loop or Ableton Live made it normal to select the sample loops from the big library.
Of course, it’s kind of efficient way of music creating. But BPM (and sometimes, even also the key) is matched by software from the beginning. It’s like “the most is good, mostly”.
I mean the unexpected result rarely happen.

The moment you find the sounds amazingly overlapped is so happy.

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