How to move in anxiety, lies of positive thinking

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Jogging everyday, reading a book and keeping the pace of life makes it possible to avoid unnecessary stagnation as much as possible, but still sometimes I have times when I can not make it any more .

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“The work I have to do is not going well as planned.”
“I can not see the direction of this work.”
“I wonder why I’m doing this.”
“Is there income this month?”

When I start to think like this, my logical thinking skills are falling rapidly.
The positive attitude towards the work is also lost.

I can not try a little thing like changing one tone.

I’m incredibly heavy for all work.

Not just musicians, designers, writers, scholars, bloggers or other most of the creators probably have suffered this?

In many cases, this decline of ability is result from the words in our thinking.

Actually speaking, if we are careful in our words, it’s known that this decline can be prevented.

Negative feeling is ok.

I write it in order.

I’m sticking at a point of production.
Or I do not feel motivated.

Probably in many cases, this caused by the mistake of combination of the tones that I have been accumulated so far,
And it’s making it difficult to make further development.

Then next, the emotion react to the situation of stagnation.

It is a negative feeling that the comfort of making progress advances is disturbed.

There is no word in that feeling yet. Just a negative emotion.
It is only a vague disgusting atmosphere.

So far it’s still OK.

This is not the thing you can control yourself.
Even if it is a result of mistake in choosing the sound you choose, mistakes can happen.

The creator can not completely avoid it.

It is like an environment.
Emotions are an environment.

The creator is not responsible in here.

It is like a climber is on a snowstorm on the way.
It’s not climber’s fault.

The words you have to choose.
It’s not matter positive or negative.

You will have the responsibility from here.

What kind of words to pick in your thought.

When negative emotions are activated,we think about the words influenced by it.

“I can not make it!”,
“There is no time!”,
“I cannot let client listen this!”,
“It is troublesome!”,
“It does not pay”

We will do my best to overcome the situation with these words…

But beforehand we could choose words to think.
However, we use the words that made by negative emotions.
This is the mistake that we have done.

Until where negative emotions are activated, no problem.


You should not use “negative” words when you have a negative emotion.

Then, “Do not use positive words instead!” Is not it.

Instead, the words to use are logical words.

Actually, the problem of negative words that negative emotions have created,
is not such a point that it is bad or negative.

The only problem is a small amount of information on it.

It is the same as “Ooo!” Or “Ah ~!” Just converted emotions into words like animals.

The problem is that it does not respond to the environment in theory, but only exaggerate it .

It seems like a word at a glance, but actually there is not any information on it.
And even so, they occupy the capacity of thinking.

It means that we are not thinking at all.

That’s why productivity drops when we are into this current.
That’s why you cannot move when you have anxious.

It seems that you are thinking with your brain, but in fact the words in your thought are empty.

So if you try to think positive when you have negative emotions, it’s no use.

It is same to saying ‘Yeah!’ Or ‘Hoorey!” instead of ‘Ugh~!’ or!’ Oh my”

You are not solving the problem of non-logic that you are facing now.

Reason why positive thinking is popular now

You can frequently find the books or internet articles that’s saying like “positive thinking makes you happy” or something like that.

But the essence is only that the
words with negative emotions tend to be more meaningless and logical.
But if it is positive, it’s also the same mostly.

As long as it’s a word that accompanies from emotions, it’s quite a small amount of information.
Because the word is deprived of their information be the emotions.

That’s why there are many of positive unhappy people.

And conversely there are the people who make amazing performance while having negative emotions.

These cases make the controversy like a positive VS negative frequently.

But whichever is fine. That’s not a matter.

Whether words used in thinking have information properly

The problem is not whether the words are positive or negative,
It is about logical or illogical.

Whether the amount of information is clogged or empty in the word we are thinking.

Whether “thinking” or “Stop thinking like thinking”.

It is important that you try to not deprived of ability of information processing of the words by emotions.

I write a remedy for my case.

My works are not going well. Or I’m not motivated.

I recognize the negative emotions such as impatience and self-hatred are coming up.

Switch off your emotions as if you became a robot here.

So the robots without emotion will logically analyze the situation just now.

If the body is hard to move with negative emotions, firstly close your eyes and think logically only in your head.
There is no emotion because you are a robot.

Do it consciously.

Then you will feel like start to write on paper or PC.

Then you can return to production again.

At least your thought for creation would come back form the status that your thought was filled with many of meaningless words.

This method will become a habit and get better and better as long as you do it.

You can use it even in more nervous scenes.
For example on your gig in the huge audience or important presentation at the conference.

The reason why the performance declines in a nervous situation is exactly the same.

Because the words created by the strong emotion occupies the brain, the amount of information of the word degrades the processing ability of the thinking.

Result The performance will deteriorate.

In such a case, also recognize the emotions in yourself and let’s switch off and become a robot.

As soon as you get used to it you will become a robot.

You will be able to enjoy the situation of stagnation of production like a game.


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