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(Updated) Most Profitable Genre in AudioJungle for Now ?

投稿日:Monday May 1st, 2017 更新日:

I analyzed most the AudioJungle and found the most reasonable genre to make for now.
So the result is …

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Now is Hip-Hop (April 30, 2017)

Firstly, I set a restriction on the tracks which released within a month.

Of course, there are some amazing tracks that keep selling for a long time. (like several years)
But it would be quite limited songs that could keep to appear on the top page.

It is considered that the sales effect accumulated then it became the exceptional situation.

The below figure is the total amount of songs registered in the past one month for each genre.
And also it’s the total sales numbers of songs sold more than 8 sales.
(April 30, 2017)

Of course I could check until 1sales songs, but I thought checking until 8sales is enough information to trust.

For example, let’s see the CORPORATE which has kept big sales for many years in AudioJungle.

In April 2017, released total 2361 songs. Among them, the song sold more than 8 sales are 115 songs.

It means that 2361 songs compete for 115 sales opportunities.

Then the average opportunities for 1 song is 0.05 sales.

Let’s see the Hip-Hop then.

367 songs compete for 283 sales. Then the average opportunities for 1 song is 0.7 sales.

In this way, we know that the Hip-Hop is a most reasonable genre to make in AudioJungle for now.

Next is FUNK. The others are generally flat.

Of course, some of the genre has no songs which sold more than 8.

If you get the hit the sales in this genre, it might become a big profit since there are few competitors.

However, thinking from user’s point of view, it might not be the case.

Most of users and filmmakers are expected to have already decided which genre of songs to purchase in advance.

The filmmaker who wanted the cinematic track rarely buy the Jazz, even if he finds good jazz track.

In short, the number of Sales in the figure is close to a predetermined number.

Consider this situation

I wrote also in the other article, but the works I got on request are mostly about Hip-Hop from around the end of 2016.
Then it might be a short trend for now.

Of course, the most important thing is what I want to make and what type of composition skill now I want to learn, but sometimes it’s interesting and worth to think objectively from only numbers and datas.

Since this article is translated one which posted in Japanese at April 30, 2017, the situation is always changing.__May 17, 2017


Updated June 20,2017

I searched today again.
Also this time, I counted all sales of songs which sold more than 8.
Right now, most profit style is Funk.
Hip-Hop is still strong.

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