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5 popular headphones tested review and I bought FOCAL Spirit Pro

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My earphones Etymotic Research ER4S was broken after having used long time.
After that I didn’t use headphones or earphones for a while.
And I used only GENELEC 8010 when I make music in my room.
But still, it’s bit difficult to make music completely without headphones, then I bought it.

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Also, this time, I bought it at JustMusic in Berlin.
It’s the biggest instrument shop in Berlin near the MoritzPlats U-Barn station.

By the way in Germany, there is a big mail order shop named THOMANN.
It’s like Japanese “SoundHouse”.

And Thomann can accept returns if I don’t like it.
But I don’t buy at there because it would take time if I repeat to buy one and to return it back.
And it’s kind of bit hesitate for me to do that.

So then when I buy the goods that I want to try before (it means most of the time), I go to Justmusic.

In there, JustMusic had all headphones I wanted to try.
I was trying them on there for a quite long time.

1.Sony MDR-7506
2.Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80 Ohm
3.Sennheiser HD-650
4.Audio-Technica ATH-M50 X
5.Focal Spirit Professional

I write the impression of them.

Sony MDR-7506

In Japan, Sony MDR-CD900ST is kind of a standard among the most of engineers.
Even I could find only MDR-7506 which is a compatible model of CD900ST in Europa, but I put it in a candidate because of that.

The impression is still very standard sound.
But if comparing with ER4S, I felt missing some information on the sounds.

Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80 Ohm

I thought I would buy this.
There are enough low and comfortable to wear.
I felt more sounds details than 7506.

Maybe because it’s German product, many of my friends recommend this in Germany.
Since impedance is 80Ω, I can use it without a headphone amp.

Sennheiser HD-650

At some music production studio in Berlin, I saw this HD-650 and HD-600 sometimes.
That’s why I thought it would be good.
At a glance, it’s so detailed sound and good unity.
I think especially classic or cinematic type of music would be really nice in this headphones.

But the matter is that the impedance is 300Ω, so I have to but headphone amp. If so it’s over budget.
And I wanted just little bit more low.

Audiotechnica ATH-M50X

This is earning a high reputation in Amazon US.
In the forum of AudioJungle, it’s also quite popular. I read some of the reviewers of AudioJungle is using this.

For me the high and low is a bit too much.
I mean it’s comfortable for listening and composing.
But for mixing or mastering, I would have to consider the tendency of headphones while making music.

Nonetheless, the thing that there are many users of this means I might have to consider how hears like on this headphones.

Focal Sprit Professional

The one I decided.
As soon as I try this, I decided this. Because of dine details and enough low frequency.
The song I used for comparing this time has a subtle transition of synthesizer that can recognize only by this Focal and HD650.

And since the impedance is 32Ω, then I don’t need to buy headphone amp.
The one matter is a bit tight.
It might hard for the person who has a big head.


So, in result, I bought Focal.
Because my ears are getting used to detailed sound that EtymoticReserch ER4S made, I might tend to take importance to the fineness of the sound.

Since English is not my first language, I’m happy that you point out my mistake of words and grammatical errors.

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