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May 2017 My Favorite 11 Tracks in AudioJungle

投稿日:Wednesday May 3rd, 2017 更新日:

I up my favorite list from 2017 April release on AudioJungle.

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Since spring has come, I feel I took many of beat music.

Recently many Future Bass is releasing. This time I check them together at once.
But they are not so similar with each other, so I could enjoy.

That Hip-Hop   by KickTracks
Soft Guitars   by musicdoctor
That Future Bass   by TheQLon
The Future Bass   by OddVision
Cooking Show   by GentleJammers
Hip Hop Background Music   by CoffeeMusic
Holiday   by Leon_Felekyan
Indie Rock   by AKNE_Music
Dubstep   by BeatroofStudio
Urban Up Hip-Hop by AtagoSounds
Motivational Inspiring Dubstep   by 2ASoundWorks
Dubstep by   proffmusic


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