Stock Music Freelance Strategy

Now making a living as a  musician is easier than 10 years ago.

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Recently, I often find the internet article saying that the computer and internet spreading made music livelihood impossible.
But I think it’s actually opposite.

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I always appreciate that I was born in this era.

In my case, if I was born 10 yeas before, I won’t be able to make music, live the place I want, play music sometimes and make my living with only them.

I guess I had to work some other thing to keen o n music. Actually I had worked as worker to keep on music until a couple of years ago.

The way to make money with music has rapidly spread in recent.

Right now, if you think properly and make effort accordingly, It’s possible.

Sell your music in stockmuic market.

I’m selling the lisense of my music in the stock music market (AudioJungle and AudioStock).
This way of earn didn’t exist in 10 years ago.

At that time, if I want to make music for commercial use, I had to belong to the music production or to have a connection with the people who brings me a work.

For that firstly, I had to see the people who has a connection.

Thus I had to live in (or around) the big city like Tokyo where is quite expensive to live for that. So then the barriers to entry became quite higher.

However spreading of internet made the impotence of connection reduced.

At least, we can make music for stock music market in wherever we want.

Then it’s possible to live the cheep place for cutting down expenses.

In addition, a part of the demands which used to arrived to music production company are going to stock music market.

At the same time , internet spreading increased the low budget projects.

The stock music market is going well along with this type of demand too.

Get the work contract in the internet.

Now we can get the work directly in internet.

Web site, blog or SNS made it possible to transact with clients directly.

This is also the way that became possible after the internet popularization.

In here the important things are to be found and to be trusted.

Beforehand, even it was difficult to be found before to be trusted.

Thus we could not even make ourselves known as a candidate of music creator.

Currently, in here it is in and interruptible state.

To make better contents and portfolio and to spend time to make it will make huge possibility.

Publish your song for free and make money from their PV

In not only commercial music but also artistic activity, the possibility has spread more.

Because of the popularization of the general intent monetization, it became possible to earn money even if the music is delivered for free.

Putting your music on your WEBsite or YouTube and so on, you can earn the advertising fee if you have huge listener.

The most case in before, if the works was not release or published in any kind of form, it would be like the annulling thing.

But the idea that the PV (the numbers of views) make money is expected to become more common in near the future, as a third way to earn, which is different from traditional “to sell from record company” nor “to sell by myself”.

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