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Good things to sell in the stock music market (except about money)

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I wrote about it here many times, but, I’m selling the license of my songs in AudioJungle(US) and AudioStock(JAPAN).

Of course it’s sake for the money firstly, but there are some advantages except it, so I write that.

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Can listen many styles of music

When I analyze the stock music market, I often notice that my weak genre is now very “profitable genre”.

For instance, currently in AudioJungle, “Funk” is very profitable (by searching in June, 2017).

I try to keep in mind to make this profitable genre regardless with my favor.

In result, I listen and study many of style of music as the reference, which is far from my taste and specialty.

But actually, I found that there rarely are the style I really don’t want to make. (Even there are only a few.)

After pursuing one style for a certain period, my favorite composers and music knowledges increase after every single wave of  music style trend of stock music market. So, I’m also becoming more enjoyable music listener.

Strategically, it might be a right solution that I keep making one style for the sake of my own branding.

However in this matter, I want to take impotence on the development of my music skill from the long point of view.

Before I start my music work as a business, I had listened and made only one style for some years.

Knew a little about current of contents and mechanism in the internet era

Alike a blogging or YouTube, I understood that the quantity of contents is drastically make good effect to the evaluations and rewards.

I wrote it in here in detail.

I realized that I can do in order to be seen by more people as many as possible is keep releasing constantly new works.

Actually in AudioJungle and AudioStock, when new releases are delayed, the sales also tend to stop.

Also in order to be famous in the market, many releases are required at the initial stage.

Became making faster

After noticing that the sales will decrease unless releasing constantly, I began to think about how to make a track as fast as possible.

To make a song at a fast pace to prevent a decline sales is mostly the same situation that has the deadline.

The professional creators is developing their skills through rising their creation pace by deadline.

Therefore, the existence of deadline for maintain the sales make me think how to make faster even if there’s not the clients.

In details, I make templates or decline the amount of playback and so on.

Learning the music theory more

This is that I felt after I started to earn by music generally.

As far as my music is listened to the public audience in the media, I feel fear if I don’t understand my music theoretically.

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