January 2018 My Recommend track in AudioJungle

2018/01/06   -Stock Music

My Recommendation in Audiojungle since for a while. This time, I added one of my own track too.

Good things to sell in the stock music market (except about money)

2017/06/06   -Stock Music

I wrote about it here many times, but, I’m selling the license of my songs in AudioJungle(US) and AudioStock(JAPAN). Of course it’s sake for the money firstly, but there are some advantages except it, so I write that.

Now making a living as a  musician is easier than 10 years ago.

2017/06/01   -Stock Music, Freelance, Strategy

Recently, I often find the internet article saying that the computer and internet spreading made music livelihood impossible. But I think it’s actually opposite.

I cannot win for those who make a lot

2017/05/22   -Freelance, Mentality

In the filled of creation, we can frequently find the discussion about “Prolific or Unprolific”. In short, which is better to make a lot even if it’s not high quality or to make high quality one even if it’s not a lot.

How to choose the BGM for WebCM and YouTuber Video.

I had a dinner meeting with a video maker whom I had worked with the other day. We talked about the way of the choosing BGM of advertising Video. I hope it will help not only the music composer, but also video maker.

The way to know the low frequency response of your room

2017/05/15   -Music Production

When you are making a bass part, you will have the situation where a certain pitch is large and another certain is small.

Simple and Useful, Human Whistle by Massive

Around 1 years before, I found this setting of Massive at somewhere in Internet. I don’t remember it was whether preset of itself or article to make it. But I cannot find this anywhere in internet at this time. So I will hand down it.

Want to sound more upfront? New York Compression might be the solution.

2017/05/05   -Music Production

This might be popular among the mixing engineers, I write about technique of making the sound of drums.

Free BGM for Commercial Use

Free BGM by AtagoSounds.

May 2017 My Favorite 11 Tracks in AudioJungle

2017/05/03   -Stock Music

I up my favorite list from 2017 April release on AudioJungle.

5 popular headphones tested review and I bought FOCAL Spirit Pro

2017/05/02   -Equipment, Software

My earphones Etymotic Research ER4S was broken after having used long time. After that I didn’t use headphones or earphones for a while. And I used only GENELEC 8010 when I make music in my room. But still, it’s bit difficult to make music completely without headphones, then I bought it.

(Updated) Most Profitable Genre in AudioJungle for Now ?

2017/05/01   -Stock Music, Strategy

I analyzed most the AudioJungle and found the most reasonable genre to make for now. So the result is …

3 References in Song Making

2017/04/30   -Music Production

Today I write about “Reference” in the composing and mixing music.

How to reduce your composing time with AutoKeyboard

When you select the sample from the huge sample pack, it sometimes takes more time than you make it by yourself. I found amazing software in that case. Sorry it’s only for Mac.

No watching display in DAW composing helps your appropriate decision.

2017/04/28   -Music Production

Of course, everyone who makes music by DAW in the computer are supposed to watch the display while making. Today I write the amazing effect of avoiding to watch the display.


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