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Analyzing Zedd&Alessia Cara “Stay” 2 bars of hook.

2017/04/10   -Music Theory

I’m checking new tracks and learning from it. For this year, since I got orders to make some HIPHOP and EDM, then I guess I’m ought to. From 2016 to 2017, in the dance music scene and EDM scene, slower BPM tracks tend to be getting the attention. For instance, Chainsmokers got big success. So from last month, a song started to glow in popularity. And it’s so interesting for me. Then I analyzed that. Today I write about the hook part of it. The song is Stay by Zedd&Alessia Cara. I’m wiring about the part where featured with voice (vocorderd), bass and drum …

Fastest way to find Key of a song

2017/04/03   -Music Theory

Very simple music theory tips talk. When we dictate a song or are about to make music, the first thing we should know is the key of the song. If you know that, you can expect the chords which can use easily. Sponsored Links Maybe the first thing we do when we try to play by ear the music or compose the melodies, the Key discrimination of the song. I write easiest way of it. NO1. Listen the song with playing some tones on the keyboard or piano. NO2. You will find possible tones and impossible tones. No3. Among them, you will …


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